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How to Care For Your Carpet

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  Keeping a carpet clean by frequent vacuuming will lengthen its life.  A carpet underlay also helps lengthen its life. Washing a rug, either on your own with a steam cleaner or having it professionally cleaned, will shorten its life.  Not to say you shouldn’t ever shampoo your carpet. every three years is a good number if you can manage to keep your carpet reasonably clean for that long.

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  Don’t let those stains sit and dry into the carpet if at all possible. Best way to get a stain out is to first blot it with a dry cloth, tea towel or wad of paper towels.  Fold up the towel and place over the wet stain and push down gently – don’t rub— and then lift the cloth and fold it over to a new clean spot.  Keep blotting, refolding the towels each time to a clean area until no more stain lifts out of the carpet.  If you still see a stain, you can try more blotting with a cold wet towel and then re-blotting it dry.  If the stain persists, try Prosolve Carpet Cleaner.

Carpet Longevity

Removing Wet  Stains

 It’s too late and the stain has been discovered months later.  I’m wary of trying homemade products on stains, especially if I have to guess what that dark patch might be.  My favourite product is Prosolve Carpet Cleaner--they’re not paying me to say this.  I’ve had it remove (from my daughter’s nylon carpet) crayon, mascara, nail polish, lipstick and bits of old bubblegum along with all the other unidentifiable blotches. It leaves no residue. It’s also removed a big oily blotch on an industrial carpet that steam cleaning couldn’t remove.  Amazing stuff.

Removing Dry Stains.