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Phone 647-888-7305


Scheduled House Cleaning Services

West End House Cleaning  We value the importance of building long term relationships with our clients so regularly occurring services provide the greatest value for your  dollar. It’s the most economical rate and lends itself nicely to tailoring to your needs. With a regularly occurring service from West End Cleaning, your home is cleaned the way you request on a prearranged schedule and according to your specific needs and instructions.

  Whether it’s on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis you can rest easy knowing your home will have the same cleaning person, the same time and day, at the frequency of your choice. Our checklist for every scheduled visit is established, ensuring that any of your special requests are not overlooked.

    There are no contracts to sign so should you need to make a change to a date or the schedule, just let us know and we will modify the arrangement at any time.

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