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How to Clean Your Brick

  West End House CleaningHave the bricks in your fireplace become blackened from the fires of a long winter season. Before you read any further be aware bricks are porous and therefore some of the soot will get imbedded into them and can be extremely hard to remove.

   When cleaning brick surfaces you should always start with the mildest method and gradually work your way up until you achieve the desired result.

   I have had some success with a mixture of equal parts salt and liquid soap. You will also need a stiff bristled brush and some hard work but I think you will find the results worth the effort.

   Cover the surrounding area with plastic and newspaper to absorb any splatter from the brushing Remove the screen and clean all ashes from the inside of the fireplace.

   Rub with a generous amount of your mixture into the mortar line and the face of the brick. Let it dry out completely like a poultice to lift the imbedded dirt. Brush the mixture off.

   For stubborn soot a more powerful cleaner is needed to get the bricks clean. Trisodium Phosphate cleanser mixed with water according the directions could help. Precautions should be taken with the use of TSP. Wearing rubber gloves and goggles to protect the eyes are a must. Brush the mixture on the bricks with a stiff bristled brush and allow the area to dry. Rinse with water and repeat. If some cleaning still necessary or try Muriatic Acid.. If I need to give safety precautions for Muriatic Acid you probably shouldn’t use it.

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